Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Chair of Training and Movement Sciences


The department offers lectures, seminars, tutorials and a research symposium to BA and MA students in German and English. The basic lectures and courses cover the fundamentals of physiology, training science, biomechanics and motor control. In the advanced course level, the department provides more in-depth insight into specific topics of these fields under consideration of current research projects of the department and contemporary international research.

The graduate school Berlin School of Movement Science is affiliated to the department, offering PhD positions for national and international post-graduate students.


Teaching staff:

Prof. Adamantios Arampatzis (personal page | current courses)
Dr. Sebastian Bohm (personal page | current courses)
Dr. Falk Mersmann (personal page | current courses)
Dr. Arno Schroll (personal page | current courses)
Dr. Maria Morena Catala (personal page | current courses)
Dr. Christian Trümper (personal page | current courses)
Gunnar Laube (personal page | current courses)



Photo: (left pic.) Sebastian Bohm, (right pic) Marion Lammersen