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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Training and Movement Sciences


Our main purpose is to improve our understanding of how the neural and musculoskeletal systems work, interact and adapt. Research approaches of DTMS target the interaction of the central nervous and peripheral systems and how the plasticity of these systems affects their interplay. This requires a multidisciplinary perspective that is able to integrate expertise from basic muscle-tendon-biology and -mechanics to computer and mathematical modelling, motor control and training science. In a multidisciplinary environment, DTMS integrates knowledge and experimental techniques from biomechanics, motor control, physiology and neuroscience to study the complex interactions between the constantly adapting neural and musculoskeletal systems. With this interdisciplinary approach, we intend to enhance our understanding of mechanisms underlying the plasticity of human movement organisation, control and regulation under healthy and pathological conditions.

At the Department of Training and Movement Sciences four sub-groups carry out this line of research, all converging to the afore-mentioned main aim.


Chart: Sebastian Bohm