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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - BSMS

BSMS - Berlin School of Movement Science



The Berlin School of Movement Science (BSMS) is an interdisciplinary education programme based on scientific exchange and interaction, supporting PhD students to become highly skilled scientists in the fields of motor control and movement science. Our main research objectives are:
  • to acquire knowledge about the fundamental principles of motor control in human movement,
  • to investigate the effects of the musculoskeletal properties on the motor control strategies used during movement and
  • to understand how the sensory-motor system controls biomechanical features and lead to adaptation on a structural level in tissues such as bone and muscle. 
The BSMS organises yearly an International Autumn School on Movement Science for young scientists to give first-hand experience of the unique graduate training programme in the field of movement science.
In this Autumn School we want to provide an overview on movement viewed from different perspectives such as the brain, central nervous system, bone, muscle and spine as well as its associated diseases and therapeutic options using physical activity.
The participation to the Autumn School is free of charge. The BSMS provides 10 travel grants to invite Master’s and PhD students from all over the world to participate in this Autumn School. The travel grants will cover travel expenses, accommodation and lunch for the whole duration of the Autumn School.
The Autumn School is of particular interest to those Master’s and PhD students who are considering doing their doctoral or post-doctoral research in the field of movement science within the BSMS network. The 10 travel grants will be awarded depending on the quality of the application, merit and the relevance.