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8th Internationale Autumn School on Movement Science

The 8th international Autumn School on Movement Science will be hosted from 30th September to 2nd October 2024 in Berlin. The Autumn School is a fundamental part of the graduateschool, the Berlin School of Movement Science (BSMS). National and international guests will present theor research and will be open for questions and discussion.

The main objective of the Autumn School is to present an overview in movement science. Of special interesst is the central and peripheral nervous system, tendon-, muscle- and spine function and adaptation and associated risks and therapeutic approaches.

Participation is free of charge und no registration needed.

An overview of the programme will soon be available here.


Disputation von Herrn Mohamadreza Kharazi

The Disputation of Mr. Mohamadreza Kharazi with the title:

„Quantification of Achilles tendon force and triceps surae muscle energy production during human locomotion: Consideration of monoarticular and biarticular mechanisms”

will take place on 21.07.2023 at 13:15 pm in room 2.03 at the Institute of sportscience, Philippstr. 13, building 11.


Berliner Rückenstudie: participants needed

The Berliner Rückenstudie is a research project involving researchers from different disciplines to identify possible causes for low back pain and develop effective therapeutic approaches for treatment.

Do you want to participate?

Phone: +49 30 450 659 000