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Information for Incoming and Outgoing Students

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Dr. Sebastian Bohm


Information on the Erasmus program

The European Union’s Erasmus program enables students, teachers and staff of European universities to spend a semester or year abroad:

  • Students receive a grant
  • Tuition fees at the host university are waived.
  • Studies abroad can be funded by the Federal Education Assistance Act for students as part of the Erasmus program.


It is also possible to complete internships abroad as part of the Erasmus program. For further information please contact the International Office, Dr. Buchmann.

Information and application

A Moodle course has been set up for information and applications: here

Other useful links

Notes on applying for an Erasmus exchange

Humboldt-Universität International Office website

Information on regulations governing Erasmus studies at the Department of Sports Sciences at the Humboldt-Universität for teachers and students is available here.

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