Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - BSMS

Scientific Supervision

The anticipated time-frame for a doctoral project is three years which requires a structured approach with respect to the scientific supervision. It needs to go beyond the normal regular meetings and everyday supervision in the laboratory. In order to form the strategic overview, each doctoral researcher will have a scientific mentoring committee with whom they meet once or twice a year to discuss the general concept, milestones and the progress of the project.


The first supervisor will be the Principal Investigator of the research group in which the doctoral researcher carries out his or her research work. The second supervisor will come from a different discipline in order to encourage interdisciplinary work. Both supervisors will advise the doctoral student in his or her research project. Where applicable, the scientific mentoring committee will also have a third supervisor who can be a post-doc or young group leader assisting the doctoral researcher on a day-to-day basis in the laboratory.


The scientific supervision will be a central part of the BSMS as it will help the PhD students to structure their projects jointly with their supervisors from an early time point in their studies, allows them to discuss and address any problems that may arise and provides them with a detailed working plan of their project to enable them to complete their work in time.