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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Chair of Sport Sociology

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Build Your Own Germany - An Empirical Study on a New Division of Responsibilities between State and Society in Local Areas

Project information

The research project focused on the analysis of local projects, which, by means of civic engagement in voluntary associations, have developed innovative approaches to compensate the limitations of state allocations of public goods.


The question regarding the future of the welfare state has been openly discussed in the last few years in Germany. The civic involvement of the populous has been observed more and more in clubs, projects and initiatives, as an alternative to the performance of primary state services. Up to now, it is still unclear, on an empirical level, which opportunities and limits are associated with the takeover of state regulated open services by citizens involved in voluntary societies.

The focal point of this research project is to systematically research local and regional projects from chosen scenarios. In doing so, the research will be based on the projects that have developed innovative and creative approaches, in order to balance the limits of state provisions of public commodities by civic involvement in voluntary societies.

Within this main target, two other targets will also be researched: the first will research the social scientific scenarios using different projects alongside 4 leading trial dimensions. These trial dimensions include a project analysis, organisational analysis, efficiency analysis and a perspective analysis of the individual projects. The other target constitutes of the empirical trial into the foundation and the creation of a practical-based orientation and operations knowledge, which, amongst other things, is to be included in a best practice-manual.

More information

Project team: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Braun (head of the project), Sebastian Finke (Diploma in Sports Science), Marcel Pillath, Marc Kukuk

Duration: 12.2006 till 12.2007

On behalf of: Initiative - New Social Market Economy (INSM)

External Links: www.insm.de, www.deutschland-zum-selbermachen.de