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Acquisition and Renewal of Coaching Licences in the Landessportbund Berlin - Motivation and Barriers from the Perspective of Trainers

Project description

The qualitative study examines the central question of individual motives or barriers making trainers participate (or not) on educational offers of the Landessportbund Berlin (LSB Berlin) with regard to the aquisition and renewal or upgrading of coaching licences. Furthermore the study investigates trainers' use of other educational offers beyond those provided by the LSB Berlin.

We focus on three interrelated research questions: Why and under which conditions do trainers opt for a licence training of the LSB Berlin and how do they perceive the respective training? What are the reasons for not using the educational offers of the LSB Berlin or not renewing / updating coaching licences? Which experiences do trainers have with qualification and training opportunities outside the LSB and what options does the LSB have to include and improve them?  

Based on narrative interviews, we investigate trainers' personal assessments and biographically influenced motivation concerning the qualification offers of the LSB. The results of the study serve as an empirical basis to discuss options for action for the LSB qualification system.

More information

Project team: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Braun (head of the project), Dr. Stefan Hansen, Dr. Marcel Pillath, Anne Rübner

Duration: 10.2019 till 09.2020

Project funding: Landessportbund Berlin