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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Chair of Sport Sociology


The Research Center for Civic Engagement represents a key research area of Prof. Dr. Sebastian Braun. It conducts research, advises, and contributes to the public debate on the volunteering of individuals and organizations. In doing so, it promotes the transfer of knowledge and dialogue between science, politics, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and public organizations.

A) Research

The research institute analyzes central challenges of civic engagement based on theory-driven empirical research. It supports the design, implementation and effectiveness of real-life intervention programs with its application-oriented evaluation research.

B) Advice

The current state of research guides the research center’s consulting activities for policy makers, public institutions, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. It focuses on systematic consulting concepts for projects and programs.

C) Stimulus

The research center contributes expertise to public debates on civic engagement. Its outreach and public-relations work brings the center’s research results to the attention of a broader public. Conferences, meetings, and workshops puts the issue on the public agenda.